Inspired by the tarot card ‘The Aeon’, Is Your Heart as Light as a Feather? Are You Loving? is a drawing project building on the thelemic idea that the history of humanity can be divided into Aeons, constantly evolving.

Cast against a backdrop of a world that feels like it’s ending, these drawings, collages and sculptures imagine the absurd forms of mutated beings and spirits of a new world.

‘The false personality 

Is speculation and separation 

Is ripped to shreds by the fang of the serpent of Transformation


In no time at all 

The breaching dolphins of new life dance forever on the surface’ 

Attributed to the tooth, fire

There is no death, only evolution of form 

In order to ascend, you must internalise and become light 

Is your heart as light as a feather? Are you Loving? 

  • Tarot of the Spirit, Pamela Eakins
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